DIY Recumbent Tadpole

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I started working on the Warrior trike back in late summer of 2015. The Warrior has a few curious requirements in the plans (although nothing is of course written in stone). The trike is built on square tubing frame roughly equivalent to metric 40x40x1.5 mm tube. It's a bit on the thin side, but I'm light so I'm not really concerned.

The plans call for 20 mm through hole hubs for the front wheels. At the time of the writing, these sort of hubs were widely available as, I guess, they were a popular trend in DH. As of 2015 they were really scarce. I was able to buy Bitex hubs from some Polish bicycle shop, but due to shipping issues they had to cancel the deal. Later after serious digging I found a pair of Quanla Lite KT-TW1F 20mm hubs from Germany on eBay.

The plans also require at least 3 donor bikes: 3x head tubes and 1x bottom bracket. I was able to find two terminally broken bicycles that provided the head tubes of same appearance.

By 2015 autumn I had completed the rear fork and the front wheels, but was still missing the rear wheel and various tiny pieces. The project went on hold half due to the CNC project and half due to winter destroying my interest in doing any welding work.

The aim is now to get the trike to usable level by July 2016. Work has recently resumed as of May 2016.